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What to do before our cleaning technicians arrive:

1) Please pick up personal items such as toys and clothes and put away in all living areas to be cleaned. 

2) If you are having your linens changed on your beds, please make sure that you strip the bed(s) and that you lay out the linens on each bed. If linens are not out, we are unable to change them. Any soiled linens that are left on the bed will be placed on top of the washing machine.


3) Please place new garbage bags on the counter in the kitchen if you are having your garbage taken out.


4) Please make sure that you have left payment on the kitchen counter in a sealed envelope and write “L & L Cleaning Services” on the outside of the envelope.

What time will we arrive to clean?

We begin at 8:00 a.m. and finish our last house before 5:00 p.m. We can only give a time span of arrival since the house prior to you may require additional services. If you are scheduled on a non-preferred day we will make every effort possible to move you to your preferred slot once it becomes available.

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